Paulina Porizkova removes her makeup and surprises fans with a new Instagram post: '57 and proud'

Do you ever actually lose your stick insect appropriate looks? Not if you look at Paulina Porizkova, as the 57-year-old model (once the highest-paid model in the world!) has completely stunned her fans with a gorgeous, sparkly makeup-free selfie she shared on her Instagram account on the 9th. of April. in honor of her 57th birthday.

"57 and proud of it," Paulina began in the post's caption. “Age is, in fact, a number, the number of years that we have been lucky enough to be here to try everything that life has to offer,” she continued. “The number of years we have had to improve ourselves and by extension, the lives of those around us.

Getting older is truly a wonderful thing, and none of us should ever be proud of our number." We could not agree more!

Porizkova even went a step further and confirmed how natural she really is, by adding the hashtags #nobotox #nofiller, followed by the word "yet," to the bottom of her post. We need to sit down, as we are completely in awe of her makeup-free, filler-free, Botox-free complexion. Just wow!

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When Aaron Sorkin asked writer and model Paulina Porizkova to go with him to the Oscars for what would be their second real date, he hesitated.

The first one had gone well. “He kisses very well,” Porizkova, 56, said in a Zoom call from Los Angeles, wearing acne cream and an irrepressible smile plastered on her face. However, she was concerned that she was too soon for her pictures to be taken on the red carpet.